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Tashkent Software Technology Park (TSTP)

The United States of America is the pre-eminent producer and customer of Technology products and services amounting half of the world market size of $1200bn. As U.S. companies outsource IT services, new areas are being explored and developed to meet the industry needs. Highly educated workforce proficient in algorithms/mathematics, stable economy and Government's emphasis on IT sector, Uzbekistan has become a perfect destination for reaping the benefit of IT revolution.
Recognizing the software development potential, Globe One, Inc., a US corporation, in collaboration with Uzbek Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations has established a Joint Venture (JV) with International Business Center, Tashkent that will promote Software Technology Park Tashkent (STPT). The project will be financed by a $50 million Export-Import Bank credit to the Government of Uzbekistan.

STP Tashkent will facilitate IT training incubators, software engineering, data mining, call-centers, and global point-to-point connectivity. The technology park is assigned to integrate current Uzbek databases into global e-commerce/e-government platforms and facilitate IT enable services in the country. It will provide an efficient and reliable data communication facility for software maintenance, application re-engineering, remote computing and offshore development. The joint venture shall also collaborate with small and medium sized Uzbek enterprises for providing them global connectivity, which include F3 IBS earth stations, serving as international gateways themselves.

STPT shall maintain internal engineering resources to provide consulting, training and implementation services. IT enable services will cover Network Design, System Integration, Installation, CAD/CAM Operations, maintenance of application databases and facilities in varied areas ranging from VSATs to ATM based networks.

The joint venture is an autonomous body, set up under the laws and agreements signed by the Governments of United States and Uzbekistan to expand strategic partnership in science and technology. The selection of Tashkent is vital as it has potential for emerging as a preferred IT location. Timing cannot be perfect as the Central Asian economy is all set to boom due to its huge oil/gas reserves.


  • Software Services: Internet Applications
  • Datacom Services: GlobePoint, GlobeLink, and Other Value Added Services
  • Regulatory Services: Administrative Authority for Software Technology Park

Datacom Services:

GlobePOINT: IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) of point-to-point digital circuit from Tashkent to any part of the globe. (Channels: n * 64 kbps). State-of the-art E3-IBS Earth Station will connect to the other parts of the world via International satellites. Gateway facilities will be available with 24 hours Help Desk. Optical Fiber local loop on Uzbekistan side. SoftPOINT will be provided for connecting customers of Uzbekistan or  foreign software engineering firms to any country in the world.

 GlobeLink: Shared Internet of TCP/IP based network providing access to the internet. It is a shared Internet connection either through a radio link or a leased line. Internet, the network of networks connecting the world has become the medium for anything a human mind can come up with-Public Domain Software Library access, Commerce on Internet and Entertainment. GlobeLINK is an Internet Service developed specially to cater to the needs of the Industry and the ISP segment of the business.

Features: Multi-honned network connectivity to major tier-one Internet backbones in the world like Sprint, UUnet etc.

  • ISDN Backup facility.

  • Strong platforms for routing, supporting diverse configurations.

  • Network Management for end-to-end service delivery.

GlobeLINK service by the virtue of multi-homing enjoys robust network configuration and consistent service customized for a co-location. The services under GlobeLINK include : Internet Services from 64 Kbps to n*2 Mbps for Software Industries, corporate ISPs, Co-location Server facilities etc.

  Other Value Added Services: Several Value added services will be available to our valuable customer.

Incubation Services: The joint venture shall provide--Software Incubation Services for aspiring and upcoming software entrepreneurs. This service will be available for those who would like to start their business outside Tashkent. In conjunction with the requirements of aspiring software development entrepreneurs, Globe One venture will initiate setting up state of the art ‘ready to use’ facilities. The entrepreneurs can start using the facilities for development purpose from day one. Well-furnished, fully air-conditioned software development cubicles to accommodate four personnel. Every area cubicles will be equipped with a desktop with Internet facility, Fax, Printer, Photocopier, Telephone and an uninterrupted power supply. Very nominal payments for using the facilities will be charged.  The minimum space allotment duration shall be for 6 months.

Data Management Services:

* Entrepreneurial Assistance
* Support & Infrastructure Facilities
* Trade Promotion Facilitation.
* Market Research & Information.
* Facilitate Joint Ventures,
   Collaborations & Match making.
* Access to Finance.
* Assistance in Operation of Business.

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